Driving change

In Novo Nordisk we have been driving change for more than 90 years.

Watch the video and find out how.

Changing the world of diabetes for more than 30 years

Novo Nordisk in Pakistan dates back to 1989 when the idea of improved access to healthcare was first brought into the country. Since then, Novo Nordisk has performed tremendously and after the establishment of Pakistan affiliate in 2005, we now stand as the market leader of modern insulin in the country.

Because we operate in a country with the second largest burden of diabetes in MENA Region, Novo Nordisk understands and strives to address need for practical, long-term solutions to address the diabetes dilemma in Pakistan. Time to time, we have brought into Pakistan, the best treatment options for people with diabetes and growth hormone disorders enabling them to live their lives with minimum limitations.


Building on the past - looking to the future

Novo Nordisk, a company that has been expanding rapidly ever since with leading positions within diabetes care, hemophilia care, growth hormone therapy and hormone replacement therapy.

Today the Novo Nordisk Way shows responsibility to patients, employees, communities and investors.

We will in the future continue to build on the legacy left by the founders of Novo Nordisk and do whatever it takes to change diabetes, hemophilia and growth hormone deficiency.

Our history tells us it can be done.