Working at Novo Nordisk

Making a difference

Novo Nordisk delivers on the needs of people with diabetes and other chronic conditions like obesity and hemophilia by developing innovative treatments that change lives. Our reputation as a fulfilling workplace comes through our commitment to the patients we serve. 

More than 42,200 people in 80 countries have dedicated their professional lives to a life-changing career at Novo Nordisk. Our employees are challenged every day to aim higher and make the most of their talents, and they are rewarded for their hard work with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for development and growth.

"Working at Novo Nordisk is not just a way to make a living but a way to make a difference."

My opportunities

Novo Nordisk is a global company offering worldwide opportunities to employees. From research and development, through to manufacturing, marketing and sales, the skills and backgrounds that our employees bring to work are diverse.

Our comprehensive value chain offers the potential for you to experience areas of the business outside your initial skill set, so developing your career through in-house as well as external training.

A responsible culture

Our company framework, The Novo Nordisk Way, supports our culture of innovation and responsibility. It ensures the long-term growth and welfare of our company and helps us find the right balance between compassion and competitiveness.

The Novo Nordisk Way includes our vision, our values and our commitment to the Triple Bottom Line principle. This provides a foundation to ensure that we stay on course: That we are focused on innovation. That we stay socially, environmentally and financially sound. And at the same time that our employees experience a positive work environment and conditions.

When you work at Novo Nordisk you come to realise that our company culture is more than words on a piece of paper – we live our values every single day. The values are the foundation for our business decisions. We have an inclusive culture where employees feel empowered and consensus is valued. Our commitment to quality and our focus on maintaining high ethical standards goes hand in hand with living up to our responsibilities to shareholders, patients and society.

Our values are global, but they are also owned and lived at a local level, providing flexibility and fostering diversity in ideas.


Every year, thousands of Novo Nordisk employees volunteer for a wide variety of creative and ambitious activities that show social responsibility, help the local environment, or both. From carrying out free screenings for diabetes to keeping medical supply lines open in regions of conflict, our colleagues bring the unique values of Novo Nordisk to a wider audience and help raise awareness about what life is like for people with chronic conditions, their families and the communities that support them.

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