Height and growth rate are important indicators of a child's health and well-being. Growth Journey is a smart growth tracking app that helps you track your child's height, weight and growth rate with your phone's camera. 

Introducing the new smart growth tracking app with a camera functionality

Growth Journey uses advanced technology to make it easy for parents to measure their child’s height and follow their physical development.

Growth Journey is a free growth tracking app that uses your phone's camera to help you track your child's growth regularly. Parents can track their child's growth upto adulthood with ease. It's as simple as clicking a picture of your child standing next to an adult. The app automatically measures your child's height and records it in the growth book with a visual record Of all the measurements. The growth chart shows your child's growth over time.

It's easy, follow these four simple steps to accurately measure your child's height, weight and growth rate with a simple photo.

1. Download the app for android or iOS 
2. Register with your email address 
3. Enter your childs name, date of birth, gender and parental height 
4. Take a picture of the child next to an adult of a known height


Parents are unaware of the significance of their child's growth rate, the importance of tracking their child's growth regularly and often lack the means to measure height accurately. This can be because height is typically measured only during visits to the doctor which reduce frequency and access.

Height is Health. Yet, it's about more than just how tall your child is. Growth is an important indicator of their overall health and physical development. That's why it's critical to know if your child's growth rate is and also what it should be, at any age.


In some children, these signs might not be a cause for concern - but in others, they may indicate a serious health problem. Growth Journey's in-app guide will help you better understand the health risks involved with slow growth.

  • Often mistaken for being much younger? 
  • Wearing Out cloths and shoes before outgrowing them?
  • Much shorter than peers or classmates
  • Shorter than you or your child's sibling were at the same age?

Poor growth could be a sign of a much more serious medical problem. These serious medical problems could be associated with health complications that could affect your child's:

  • Heart
  • Learning development
  • Eyesight
  • Hearing
  • Respiratory health
  • Bone Health
  • Kidney development
  • Body composition
  • Immune system

If growth deviations are found in your child's growth, the app's in-built maps functionality helps parents reach out to physicians or growth specialists regarding their child's health. The growth book gives children's healthcare providers with a great point of reference regarding your child's growth.